Safe Schools For All

Working with schools and communities to reduce bullying and peer aggression in children and adolescents through the implementation of restorative practices.

Peer aggression, often referred to as bullying among elementary school age children, has become recognized a pervasive problem in American schools and a precursor of more violent behavior in later grades. Bullying behavior is a form of harassment and antisocial behavior that does not know any geographic, racial, or socioeconomic boundaries. Much of the research defines bullying as: Intentional hurtful behavior: physical, verbal or relational, perpetrated repeatedly over a period of time, in a relationship characterized by an imbalance of power.

When continually faced with aggressive behavior by their peers, victimized students report fear of going to school and/or riding the bus, physical symptoms of illness, progressively lower levels of self-esteem and increased risk of suicidal ideation. Aggressive children who intentionally target peers are at risk for a host of long term, negative developmental outcomes including juvenile and adult criminal behavior. Ineffective school responses to peer aggression and other antisocial conduct have a negative impact on school climate and the academic performance of students in general.

It is the mission of Safe Schools For All (SSFA) to help schools (k-12) implement best practices in addressing the problems of peer aggression, harassment and bullying. The approach is comprehensive and based on researched best practices.

The thrust of this work is both preventive and responsive. The research supports, that bullying behavior is an antecedent of more serious harassing and antisocial behavior. We strongly believe that peer aggression, harassment, and violence are community issues that need a multifaceted, systemic approach that includes all community stakeholders. SSFA will strive to help your school and community intervene proactively.

If you have any questions or want more information about peer aggression, bullying, harassment or any of the Training and Consultation provided by SSFA please feel free to contact Chuck Saufler at 207-751-4160 or e-mail: